Next Event Coming Up!

Hey everyone,

Just posting to remind everyone that we have  an event coming up soon! (check house chat for the time/place).  Haley & I are cooking up something pretty nifty that you guys might like! Hopefully you will enjoy it!

Remember to stay awesome to your fellow Slytherins and support them, but also to represent our house & be as helpful and excellent to the other houses as possible! We have to be the best house in all regards, and that also means being courteous to others!

Breast Cancer Awareness 2018

Hello to all that are reading this! As you know from the title, breast cancer awareness month is coming soon (October) and I would just like to take a moment to thank you for reading the following.

Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer overall. This means that is a real issue no matter what part of the globe you come from. This is why during the month of October, Slytherin will be representing pink quidditch outfits to raise awareness of this detrimental disease.
Now you may be asking, why am I writing this here? To answer that, I want to encourage you all to get involved with enlightening others about this global problem whether you just spread by word of mouth or do anything to make people more aware of the situation. Thank you all for supporting the cause!

(Credit To Sergio Strange For Making These Skins)

Event 2: gobstones!

For our second official event, we had a gobstones tournament behind the Astronomy tower!  It went quite well! Michelle ended up winning, it was followed up by a game of hide and seek, which Christopher Crabbe won!  Good job everyone, and thanks for attending!

First Event

Hey everyone, we are starting to host events every week! This past week we played Exploding Snaps with different decks!  It was fabulous and we had several winners.  While playing snaps we also played Duck Duck Goose! It was great to have everyone and to take pictures as a group after!

Hope to see you all at the next event too!